Five Best Ways To Unclog Your Pipes

Unclog your Pipes

Frequently, drainage pipes in sinks, tubs and sewage pipes get clogged and prevent water from flowing. There are many simple solutions that that may clear the drain. Tending to the source of the clog the first time will prevent recurring clogs in the conduit pipe. Drano and other chemical products may improve the situation immediately, but usually the problem will come back.
A blockage that starts near the lip of the drain needs to be dealt with differently than a blockage deep in the pipe. Some times, you may need to try a couple of these tips together to unclog the drain.

For a build up of gunk and hair at the oppening of the drainpipe:
Option 1: Unscrew the Strainer: Unscrew the strainer that fits in lip of the pipe. Clean it out.
Option 2: Wire Hanger: Straighten out a wire hanger and use it to clear out and dislodge any hair, gunk and objects that are caught near the opening of the drain.
Option 3: Plunger:
1. Push up and down repeatedly on the plunger while creating an airtight seal around the drain hole. Use water as needed to maintain the airtight seal and a maximum of air pressure.
2. Clean out any dirt that comes up.
Option 4: Open the Catch Basin/ Trap: 
1. Put an empty bucket under the catch basin. Normally, the catch basin is directly under the sink.
2. Turn the pipe counter clockwise by hand or with a plumber’s wrench.
3. Let the filthy water drain into the bucket.
4. Clean out the catch basin and pipes with a plastic knife.
5. Screw the catch basin back on by turning it clockwise.

For a blockage deep in the pipes:
Option 5: Drain Snake/ Drain Auger: 
1. Unscrew the strainer in the drain.
2. Push the head of the drain snake into the pipe.
3. Every few feet twist it around and push it up and down. You do not need an electric spinner although it may be helpful.
4. Push the snake down through any bends or obstacles that may prevent the snake form being lowered. Twist the snake around and up and down. If you feel any thing caught on the snake, carefully remove the snake. Clean any dirt that is brought up with the snake.
5. Repeat until you think you cleared the drain. When the obstacle is cleared you will probably feel or hear it.
6. Test it by pouring water down the drain.

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